We at VANAZ are specialised in the manufacturing of auto components in non ferrous Forging and Pressure die casting which are used by OEM's.

Components Product name & Description
Synchronizes speeds of rotating components, and prevents engagement of gears until synchronization is achieved.
Bracket cable Anchoring , OIL COOLER Adaptor & B-MOUNT ASSEMBLIES
B mount Bracket : It mounts the engine to a vehicle and keeps it secured by preventing it from vibration.
Bracket cable Anchoring :- Used in gear shifting with the help of various cables
OIL COOLER Adapter :- Used to cool hot engine oil and recycle the same back to the engine
Shifter forks
Plays key role in gear box.Selects and changes gear with the help of various linkages and shifter sleeve.
Used in transaxles and engines for holding cables and sensors
Top Cover , Rear crank case cover & Junction Box
TOP COVER :- This is housing for gear shifting mechanism. Plays key role in smooth gear shifting.
RCC :- Protects crank case from any oil leakage and also restricts entry of dust & fine particles
Junction box :- It is used for supplying coolent in various directions
Forged Bearing caps
Used for holding Camshaft In the cylinder head. They also act like thrust bearing in some cases.
Foot support , Foot rest , Upper & Lower bracket
Used for high end Two Wheelers