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Welcome to Vanaz Engineers Limited

Company Profile

  • Vanaz Engineers Limited was established in the year 1948 in Mumbai with a manufacturing setup to produce quality press tools, dies and fixtures.
  • The company expanded its activities to copper and copper alloy forgings in 1960. Specialised heat treated aluminium and aluminium alloy forging was pioneered in India by Vanaz.
  • Diversification was rapid in the field of cylinder valves and pressure regulators for LPG, oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, chlorine and other gases in the year 1963.
  • Pune unit of Vanaz started in the year 1968.
  • Vanfog-Fog generating machine for pest control, fumigation and agricultural applications was developed in 1974.
  • Self closing type cylinder valves and suitable pressure regulators were developed in1979.
  • Deorukh unit of Vanaz was started in 1981.
  • The R & D Department of Vanaz has been recognised by the department of Science & Technology, New Delhi, since 1985.
  • Vanaz entered the automobile sector in 1990 with manufacturing of Synchroniser Rings which was then an import substitute component.
  • Vanaz qualified for ISO 9001 certification in September 1998.
  • Vanaz qualified for ISO / TS 16949 certification in January 2008.
  • Vanaz qualified for ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 certification in April 2016.
  • Vanaz qualified for IATF 16949 certification in December 2018.
  • Vanaz qualified for BS ISO 45001 certification in March 2021.
  • Vanaz is proud to manufacture the first indigenous CNG kit for auto rickshaws duly approved by VRDE and ARAI in the year 2000.
  • We supply cylinder valves and pressure regulators for all gases.